Former professional cyclist Tara Gins says she lost an orally agreed team leader washed away from a shooting session at a Belgian amateur stable.

Until 2020, Gins, 30, who competed professionally in road cycling, told of the cancellation of his wash, which was agreed with a team of under-23s, first on his Instagram account and then in an interview on Cyclingnews.

In an interview, the Belgian spoke of a surprising conversation with his supervisor.

- He started the discussion by saying that he was terminating our contract because a member of staff had come across pictures of me.

The person sent the pictures in the group chat to the other staff.

Someone had to threaten to send the pictures to one of the team’s sponsors, Gins said in an interview.

Gins doesn’t know exactly which photos the employee had ended up with, but suspects they came from either Playboy filming last spring or calendar shootings from a Belgian company where the ex-cyclist appeared topless.

- Those pictures didn't hurt anyone.

Apparently they make me unfit to work with cyclists.

Apparently photography is more important than knowledge or experience of the sport, Gins wrote on Instagram, according to the site.

On his Instagram account, Gins has also published bare-footage footage of him appearing in a Memorial – Santos shirt from his former racing stable.

The Belgian repeated on Facebook his sexual harassment in his work environment during his career.

Unequal and outrageous treatment has become familiar to women over the years.

- I was literally touched.

Once one mechanic pushed me into the shower after a workout.

Once, one member of staff tried to kiss me, and I had to push him away.

The coach of one team also told me really inappropriate comments about my appearance, Gins wrote according to Cyclingnews.