Almost three-quarters of entrepreneurs are not afraid of bankruptcy despite the interest rate pandemic, according to a survey by the employment pension company Elo and Suomen Yrittäjit.

Only four percent of entrepreneurs consider the threat of bankruptcy to be very significant for their business.

- We expected much darker moods from entrepreneurs, as the last year has been really tough in several industries.

However, the results show that entrepreneurs have been able to react excellently to the sudden situation, says Katja Ekma, Elo's work ability management development manager, in a press release.

However, he warns that some entrepreneurs' assessment of a company's solvency may be more positive than it really is due to various payment arrangements and financial support.

However, according to the study, an alarming number of entrepreneurs estimate that their ability to work is at a worrying level and a large proportion of entrepreneurs are very stressed.

One third of entrepreneurs say that their ability to work has decreased.

Forty percent of entrepreneurs experience prolonged and harmful stress quite or very much.

An able-bodied entrepreneur also invests in the well-being of his or her staff

According to Ekman, from the entrepreneur's point of view, it is essential to take care of one's own ability to work by doing the things that provide power and strength.

- An able-bodied entrepreneur also invests in the well-being of his or her employees, which means that the positive spiral works, he points out.

The survey was conducted as an online survey in November-December.

A total of 1,367 business decision-makers and entrepreneurs responded to the survey.