China News Service, January 27. According to Taiwan’s "United News Network", an Australian man took a shortcut with his pet dog in early January. After entering the forest, he accidentally lost his way and was trapped for 18 days.

During the period, he was only dependent on dam water and wild mushrooms for his livelihood. After the police announced the suspension of the search, the man was miraculously rescued.

  Weber, 58, took his dog and drove from the hotel on the 6th, trying to find a shortcut back to his home in Naramba.

Unexpectedly, because he was not familiar with the road conditions, Webber drove into the deep forest by mistake, and the car was still stuck in the mud and unable to move.

  Webber originally wanted to stay in the car and wait for rescue. Three days later, he found that there was not enough drinking water. He had to search for water on foot and was lost.

Source: Screenshot of the social media account of the Queensland Police in Australia.

  Weber revealed that while he was lost, he had been walking along the dam and was living by drinking water from the dam and eating wild mushrooms. When he was tired, he lay on the ground and slept, so he survived for 18 days.

  At the same time, the Queensland Police also launched a close air and ground search, and could only announce the suspension of operations when nothing was gained.

  Fortunately, on the morning of the 24th local time, the local congressman Perret and his wife accidentally found Weber near the dam, 3 kilometers away from the location where the car was found.

  When Perret spotted Webber, he was sitting under a tree waving his hands.

Perrett said: "We have passed the dam countless times in the past week, and the feeling of seeing him there is really incredible."

  After being rescued, Webber said that it was the child who gave him "hope to live". He always believed that he was still far from the gate of a ghost. He also joked that he had lost 10 kg in the past 18 days, just like experiencing a "stable weight loss plan."

But this time the lesson also made Webber no longer dare to take shortcuts.

  The Queensland Police pointed out that Weber's physical condition is not serious and has been sent to a doctor for recuperation, but his pet dog has not been found.