Chinanews Client, January 27th. Recently, the Ministry of Education and other six departments issued the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Reform of the Construction of the Teaching Staff of Colleges and Universities in the New Era."

The document pointed out that it is necessary to promote the cultivation of teacher ethics on a regular basis, and incorporate various teacher ethics standards into the compulsory content of new teacher pre-job training and full-service teacher training.

The teacher's ethics and style shall be regarded as the primary requirement and first standard for teacher recruitment, title review, job hiring, mentor selection, awards, appointment period assessment, project declaration, etc., strict teacher ethics assessment, and focus on the use of teacher ethics assessment results.

New teachers in colleges and universities must receive special training on teacher ethics and style before their posts, and only after reaching a certain number of hours and passing the assessment can they obtain the qualifications of teachers in colleges and universities and start teaching.