On Tuesday, the municipality of Salla in eastern Lapland launched the international Salla 2032 Summer Games candidate city campaign.

In the campaign, the 2032 Summer Olympics are proposed to be held in a Lapland community known for its cold climate.

According to a press release released on Wednesday, the campaign aims to draw the world’s attention to the consequences of climate change.

Salla Mayor Erkki Parkkinen describes 2032 as a turning point in climate change.

- If we have not succeeded in halting climate change by then, it is too late.

Salla and many other places in the world will cease to be as we know them, Parkkinen states in a press release.

On Tuesday, the campaign published a video on Youtube, in which Parkkinen presents Salla as the coldest place in Finland.

In the video, the locals show the world a foretaste of what is to come by practicing summer sports in the chilling landscapes of Lapland in little clothes.

- I've never seen the sun, but yes it's coming from there, a local states on video.  

The video was shared on Twitter by President Tarja Halonen.

Around the world, the campaign has received attention from, among others, the British newspaper Guardian.

The magazine predicts that the Finnish challenger will face tough competitors like Jakarta and Istanbul, but a secret trump card: climate change.

The Guardian points out that the consequences of global warming in the Arctic have been dramatic, and the Finnish municipality of Salla is no exception.

In the press release, Mayor Parkkinen states that the campaign wants to keep the winters of Salla cold and snowy where the summers are warm.

- At the same time, we want to challenge everyone to climate action and keep our entire planet as it is now.

If we save Salla, we will save the whole world.

The press release states that the Fridays for Future movement, launched by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, is a partner in the campaign.