During construction work on the Heiligengeistfeld in Hamburg-St.

Pauli, a British aerial bomb from World War II has been discovered.

It was a 500-pound bomb with a mechanical rear-impact detonator, a fire department spokesman said on Wednesday.

For safety reasons, all people have to leave their homes and the area within 300 meters of the site when the disarming is planned for the evening.

According to initial estimates by the fire department, around 1,600 people could be affected.

The warning radius is 500 meters.

Defusing should begin in the evening

Due to the corona pandemic, a rather complicated evacuation became apparent.

Bringing so many people away and accommodating them in a corona-compliant manner is not easy, said the fire department spokesman.

"We can't all fit them in a gym."


First of all, the next steps will be coordinated with the district office in Mitte.

The spokesman said that the defusing process could only begin after that in the evening.