The Auto in Finland 2021 award was presented on Wednesday evening to Škoda's importer Helkama-Auto Oy.

The most significant of the title selection criteria is value for money.

Škoda Octavia was also credited with a comprehensive range of power lines.

A hallmark of this year’s competition was the abundance of electric propulsion.

Škoda - and Octavia as one of its models - is also making great strides in electrification.

Škoda won the same award last year with its Kamiq model.

The Auto in Finland 2021 competition was organized by the Association of Automotive and Traffic Suppliers, which represents journalists who write for cars and traffic in Finland.

The judges entitled to vote were all over one hundred members of the association, who represent practically all major media outlets writing about cars in Finland.

In addition to the winner, Peugeot 2008, Porsche Taycan, Renault Captur, Toyota Yaris and Volkswagen ID.3 had reached the finals.


1. Škoda Octavia (172 points.)

2. Volkswagen ID.3 (p. 146)

3. Toyota Yaris (p. 121)

4. Peugeot 2008 (p. 95)

5. Porsche Taycan (90 p.)

6. Renault Captur (p. 81)

Several other awards were also presented at the gala.

Producer Teemu Granström was awarded for the best car and traffic image of the year.Photo: Teemu Granström

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