The bandage broke.

It explains Aleksandr Bolshunov's explanation of Sunday's riots on Norwegian TV2.

The Russian cross-country skiing peak skied at the top of Joni Mäki in Finland after the finish line.

Mäki defeated Bolshunov in Salpausselä's message in the closing round by closing the Russian-aimed outer lane at the beginning of the final.

Harri Kirvesniemi, Ilta-Sanomat's ski expert, does not buy the Russian's explanation that the scandalous situation was due to a breakdown.

- It seems like a fair explanation of the sea.

I was considered quite a few times.

After all, he is clearly changing direction so that he manages to collide with Mäki, Kirvesniemi line.

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    A wild assertion about the horror situation in Lahti from a Russian star

Bolshunov beat the nimble Finn with his wand even before the finish line and continued his defiant behavior after the collision and later also in the competition's jury address.

- Not only do I wonder about such a maritime explanation, but if this was the case, why wouldn't he have said it right away?

Someone has now come up with a good explanation for this, Kirvesniemi uploads.

The extraordinary stupid trick led to the rejection of Russia’s No. 1 team, and the turmoil started by the situation continues.

On Wednesday, the Finnish Ski Association sent a formal request for clarification to the disciplinary body of the international ski association Fis, asking the disciplinary body to assess the adequacy of Bolshunov's punishment.

Kirvesniemi hopes that additional sanctions are promised.

- I would see that it would be very good to have additional penalties, because this is now a precedent.

Of course, Bolshunov's punishment must also proceed in accordance with the rule book, Kirvesniemi ponders.

Bolshunov, who had already traveled to Falun with the World Cup tour, admitted to TV2 that uncertainty was growing: he could not be sure that he would even be able to compete in the World Championships in Oberstdorf, let alone next weekend in Falun.

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At the World Championships in 1989, the World Champion does not believe the penalty will be met, but with regard to Falun, Kirvesniemi's view is clear: Bolshunov should have nothing to do with the track.

- If I could suggest, then Bolshunov might have to be out of Falun to miss a couple of races.

In addition, I would like a statement on what kind of punishment would threaten if a similar case were repeated in his case, Kirvesniemi outlines.

- It's pretty unreasonable if nothing follows.

That batting with the stick was already reason enough to dismiss the Russian team.

And then that driving on was such a hard physical take, and when it happened after all, after the so-called whistle had already whistled, that is, the finish had been reached.

In many other ways, the ski legend seeks a point of reference for a Russian trick from a hockey pitch.

- If in the sledge many seconds after the goal was scored, Taklaus would come, then quite certainly it would result in a knockout, which would also lead to a ban on the next match.

And yet it’s all about a completely different type of contact than what cross-country skiing is.

Since his initial defiance, Bolshunov has taken a more humble attitude to the events of the weekend.

He and the Russian Ski Association have apologized for what happened, and the 24-year-old star has vowed that the trick will be his last answer.

Unlike many top names, Bolshunov, who competed diligently throughout the winter, is by far leading the World Ski Cup.

Kirvesniemi does not believe that the scandal that piled the sticks on the stroller will affect the performance of the fiery Russian once any punishments have been lulled.

- After a possible ban on competition has been suffered, the matter should be acknowledged.

I don’t think Bolshunov is inherently left to chew it himself either.

It hardly has a greater impact on performance.

The Oberstdorf World Championships start on Tuesday 23 February.