Covid-19 in the United States: in the face of discontent, Biden wants to amplify the vaccination

US President-elect Joe Biden receives a Covid-19 vaccination from Tabe Masa, Nurse Practitioner, at the Christiana Care hospital in Newark, Delaware Alex Edelman AFP

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Joe Biden presented, Tuesday, January 26, his plan to accelerate vaccination against Covid-19 in the United States.

The US president has announced the purchase of 200 million additional doses, as more and more US states complain about distribution problems.

The president expects all Americans to be immunized by the fall of 2020.


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With our correspondent in San Francisco,

Éric de Salve

Joe Biden has vowed to start distributing - as early as next week - new doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, as anger grows louder against the federal government.

In some cities, faced with the shortage, vaccination centers are forced to close.

In New York, the Democratic governor denounces a total lack of information on the distribution.

So, Tuesday, January 26, the new American president announced the purchase of 200 million additional doses of vaccines.

A " 

war effort

 ", according to him.

And he promised a

new strategy against Covid-19

, the opposite of that of

Donald Trump



The vaccination program was in a worse situation than we anticipated,

 ” said the 46th President of the United States.

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We now have a national strategy to beat the Covid-19.

This strategy is based on science, not politics.

On the truth, not on the denial.

But let me be clear

: before any improvement, the situation will continue to worsen.

By the end of next month, we will have reached 500,000 deaths,

 ”warned Joe Biden.

With more than 25 million infections and more than 425,000 deaths as of January 27, the United States is the most bereaved country in the world, ahead of Brazil (more than 218,000 deaths) and India (more than 153,000 dead).

Of these 200 million doses, 100 million are purchased from Pfizer, and 100 million from Moderna.

This new order increases the doses ordered from 400 to 600 million.

Objective of the White House: to vaccinate the entire American adult population " 

by the end of summer or the beginning of autumn

 ", that is to say 300 million people.

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