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Just two days after meeting with Pedro Sánchez in Moncloa, Alberto Núñez Feijóo has redoubled his criticism of the management of the coronavirus pandemic and, in an appearance designed to render himself accountable to the Galician Parliament, he reproached the coalition government that do not implement new regulatory frameworks to allow "at all costs" the holding of regional elections in Catalonia.

The President of Galicia reproached the President of the Government for leading a "retarded Administration that neither governs nor allows to govern" and blamed him that "if the stubborn errors are regrettable" that he attributes to his Government in matters such as hesitations on the obligatory nature of masks or the inability to lead the purchase of protective material in the first wave, "even more so" are "decisions inspired by short-range political criteria."

It is not Núñez Feijóo to throw the stone and hide his hand and, immediately afterwards, he named those decisions that question him, the celebration of 8-M in the first wave and the Catalan elections in this third.

"Why was the first wave of March downplayed? Why did we have to celebrate on March 8?", He began, and continued with more load.

"Why is the central government now reluctant to modify the current framework in line with the severity of the data, much worse than those of Germany, France or Italy, whose executives do take action?"

"Perhaps because elections must be held in Catalonia at all costs."

"His own acts of the past"

The Galician leader of the PP and president of the Xunta contrasted the attitude of the Government of Sánchez with that of autonomous administrations of different political signs, from nationalists to socialists and


, that "we perceive the urgencies" and asked the Executive of the PSOE and United We can that "He must reconsider" and "be guided now" not by what the communities may ask of him, but "by his own acts of the past", as he reminds him that in October Madrid intervened with an incidence at 14 days out of 500 and, now, with an incidence of 894 in all of Spain "does not act and, furthermore, prevents the autonomous communities from acting".

One of Feijóo's last disagreements with Sánchez revolves around the curfew, as the Galician president, like other regional governments, ask to be able to advance it at 8:00 p.m.

This Wednesday, before the Galician Parliament, he asked who is interested in denying this flexibilization of the schedule and blamed the central Executive that "the governance that has been delegated to the communities cannot be a paper governance" and "if we have responsibilities, we must have the instruments to exercise them. "

Criticisms of the BNG

Feijóo's appearance, made at the request of the BNG leader,

Ana Pontón

, became a forum in which the opposition -nationalists and PSOE- reproached him for "lack of self-criticism" and "confrontation", but Feijóo wanted to turn it around and focus censorship on Sánchez and on heating up the February 5 meeting.

There he already advanced that he will transfer to the leader of the PSOE the "need" to seek a "national consensus" on two aspects, teleworking and the mandatory use of FFP2 masks, reminding him that in recent months Spain has already taken other decisions late that "were demonstrated essential ".

A "homogeneous" vaccination plan

The vaccination plan against Covid-19 will also be on the agenda of the meeting between the Spanish and Galician presidents.

Feijóo assured that he "understands" the "difficulties" of the Government, since the lack of vaccines is a "global problem" and their acquisition is centralized in the European Union, but he believes that the Government of Sánchez does have in its hands to do its homework in the development of a "defined from start to finish" vaccination schedule.

This calendar would be "of great help" for the preparation of the communities and, above all, for the "confidence of the citizens" and Feijóo asks that, in addition, it guarantee a distribution that reaches "in a homogeneous way" to all the communities.

Thus, he questioned that Galicia has 5.7% of the population of Spain and only receives 5% of vaccines.

If the same percentage were received, there would be more than 9,000 more Galicians vaccinated.

Older than 80 years

Looking at the next steps to take in this matter, Feijó recalled that the next group on the table for vaccination is those over 80 years of age and that the supply "should be made in a percentage equivalent to this target population."

In this way, if Galicia has 8.2% of those over 80 in Spain, it would have to receive 8.2% of the vaccines.

Any contrary action would be "penalizing" this population. "

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Restrictions: Galicia closes the hotel trade and limits the opening of non-essential shops at 6:00 p.m.

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