The news that the international mobile distributor Brightstar is accused of participating in a scam is leading to several reactions.

The strongest comes from the company Dustin, which is described as Sweden's largest e-retailer.

- This is incredibly serious if the information is correct.

Therefore, we have asked Brightstar for further information, and until they come up with the answers, we have paused the collaboration.

We do not buy anything from them until we have received an answer, says Dustin's communications manager Eva Ernfors to SVT.

Telenor and Telia are also reacting.

"We take the information seriously and have contacted Brightstar for more information," writes Telenor's press manager Mikko Viitala to SVT.

"We take seriously the accusations from the Swedish Tax Agency," writes Irene Krohn.

Both Telenor and Telia emphasize that they have strict requirements for their suppliers, but believe that it is too early to answer whether the collaboration with Brightstar will be affected by what happened.

Hairdressing salon became a billion-dollar company

At the same time, a large trial is underway in Växjö about, among other things, serious tax offenses and money laundering, and where one of the accused companies, according to the police interrogations, had extensive business with Brightstar.

It is about the company Jolumar, which started as a hair salon but this year the turnover quickly increased from zero to over a billion when they started shopping with mobile phones.

Brightstar's employees state in police interrogation that they have made the majority of their mobile purchases (50-65 percent) from Jolumar.

Brighstar is not accused of any crime in the current trial, and has rejected the Tax Agency's accusations.

Jolumar's representatives, like other defendants in Växjö, deny all crimes they are accused of.