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A Chinese hamburger franchise has launched a new dessert.

It is a dessert with a syrup-like liquid on top of white ice cream. This liquid is chili oil.

It is'Raja Oyu', which is mainly used in spicy Sichuan cuisine, and is eaten with chilli oil mixed with sweet ice cream.

When an article about the sale of a new product was posted, there were many negative reactions in China such as "What did you do to ice cream, eat only those who want to get a stomachache".

However, after it was actually released a few days ago, there were many reviews that it wasn't bad.

Local netizens uploaded a certification shot of eating this on social media, saying "It's a strange taste" and "It's sweet at first, and spicy at the end."

In December, the company removed the existing patties from hamburgers and put spam and oreos in place to startle people, but it is said that they plan to release these new products once a month.

The domestic netizens said, "Spicy, salty, sweet and all are good... Did you have to mix it?" "This is an insult to ice cream!!" It showed a reaction.

(Screen source: YouTube Foodie Mantou, Weibo)