Milan’s giant clubs Internazionale and AC Milan faced on Tuesday night in a fiery Italian Cup semi-final match.

The home team Inter won the match 2-1.

By far the most talked about situation of the match was seen after the end of the first half, when the teams were already on their way to the locker room corridor.

Attacking stars Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic began to shout at each other in rage and were eventually drifted into a handcuff.

The stars, who played at Manchester United at the same time, pushed on each other and shouted fierce insults.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Zlatan used Lukaku's mother as a beating weapon.

- Go do your voodoo Rituals of m… somewhere else.

Little donkey (Go do your voodoo rituals elsewhere, little donkey).

Ibrahimovic told the Belgian to call his mother and do the same voodoo tricks with her.

Lukaku did not remain speechless.

He highlighted the 39-year-old Swedish player’s wife and sexual intercourse with both.

- “I f *** you and your wife”.

Inter's players calmed furious Lukaku and steered him further away from the situation.

Ibrahimovic was left laughing and shouting in the background.

The referee gave a warning to both brawlers.

Ibrahimovic's yellow card, which was successful in scoring in the opening half, proved fatal.

He was shown a second yellow card after 58 minutes.

Inter turned Derby into victory after Ibrahimovic was knocked out.

Lukaku first hit the penalty kick and Danish flop Christian Eriksen shook the 2-1 win in extra time.