• Pfizer: supply returns to full capacity next week

  • EU: Pfizer ensures the delivery of 100% of the doses since Monday


January 26, 2021 - Sweden has suspended payments for vaccines to Pfizer.

The Swedish media made it known, explaining that the suspension is linked to the quantity of doses that can be taken from each vial after the pharmaceutical company made it known that with particular needles it was possible to take six instead of five, charging the additional dose to supplies.

"This is unacceptable. If a country has only five doses, it has received fewer doses for the same price," Swedish vaccine coordinator Richard Bergström told the Dagens Nyheter newspaper.

Sweden wants the European Union and Pfizer to reach an agreement on how many doses to count for each vial. "Until then - said the chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell - we have told the company that we have to wait with the invoices that are available until we get clarity on what applies".