• Schumer: Trump impeachment in the Senate after February 8.

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January 26, 2021 The House of Representatives sent the article on the impeachment of Donald Trump to the Senate.

The former president is accused of "inciting an insurrection" for the assault on Congress on January 6 and is defined as "a threat to democracy".

The trial of Trump will begin on February 8 and will not be presided by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts, but the pro-tempore president of the Upper House, Patrick Leahy.

Trump is the first president in American history to have been formally impeached twice and the fourth in US history.

Tomorrow the senators will take office as jurors. 

The prosecution underlines how President Trump "endangered the security of the United States and its institutions, threatened the integrity of the democratic system and hindered a peaceful transition of powers".

"for this - it is stated - it remains a threat to national security, democracy and the constitution".

The article retraces the events that led to the accusation of "inciting insurrection".

We remember "the continuous false declarations in the previous month that spoke of rigged elections that should not have been accepted and certified".

Then the infamous epiphany day rally in conjunction with the plenary session of Congress to certify Joe Biden's victory.

The sentence at the center of the accusation, recalled in the article, is the one in which Trump invites supporters to act: "if you don't fight as possessed, you will no longer have a country".

Finally, in the impeachment article, reference is also made to the call days before to the Secretary of State of Georgia in which Trump, making threats, asks to find the necessary votes to subvert the outcome of the elections in the key southern state won by Biden. 

The new president, speaking to CNN, said he believes Trump's impeachment process should be done.

Biden acknowledged that the impeachment could result in delaying the implementation of his legislative agenda and the confirmation in the Senate of his candidates for the government, but - underlined the US president - it would have "a worse effect if not done".

Two weeks after the impeachment trial began, Donald Trump still has to put his legal team in place.

At the moment the only one to have been hired is Butch Bowers, a South Carolina attorney, but Trump - according to what some media say, is having a lot of difficulty in recruiting other lawyers.

His longtime personal lawyer, Rudi Giuliani, who accompanied him in an attempt to subvert the vote will not be on the team because his role in the Capitol Hill clashes is still unclear.

He himself has stated that he will appear as a witness in the Senate trial.