The issue has been on the agenda before, including in connection with Holocaust Remembrance Day 2019 and as a proposal from Holocaust survivor Max Safir 2018. He passed away in June 2020.

"He will not visit the museum he initiated.

But his and other survivors' names will remain and their stories will be saved from oblivion and included in the cultural heritage we jointly manage for the future, "the ministers write.

A special museum building will be established, where and how the government will return to.

According to the ministers, a placement in Stockholm makes it easier for school students and the general public around the country to visit.

"We miss this in Malmö"

When SVT Nyheter Skåne interviewed Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh (S), chairman of the municipal board in Malmö, at the end of August, she said:

- Stockholm already has the Jewish Museum and Forum for Living History.

We miss this completely in Malmö and we really need a Holocaust Museum in our city.

Malmö has a clear connection to the Holocaust and has always been the port of hope.

We also have a large Roma population which we think should be noted in this context.