Lance Stroll has the skills to win the F1 World Championship.

That's what F1 person Eddie Jordan says, according to

According to former team manager Jordan, 72, Stroll could benefit greatly from his new teammate, four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel.

The Canadian Stroll, 22, and the German Vettel, 33, who left Ferrari in a grim atmosphere, will be driving as teammates next season at the Aston Martin stable set up to replace Racing Point.

Stroll’s immersive father, Lawrence Stroll, has strongly supported his son’s racing career financially and otherwise.

Father Stroll is also the biggest backing force for Aston Martin’s F1 team.

However, Jordan strongly feels that Lance Stroll is not in the royal class of motorsport just because of his father.

Jordan dares to battle Stroll even the world champion.

- He has a lot of talent.

His speed is enough to be a world champion, this speed he really has, Jordan assured.

- I would like to see more evenness from him.

Usually when the race starts, I’m not really sure what to expect from Lance, Jordan spun around.

Sebastian Vettel's and Ferrari's cooperation ended in a minor victory after last season.Photo: HANDOUT

According to Jordan, Stroll can shed his volatility on the merits of Vettel’s teammate.

- Vettel's arrival can encourage and push him to do better.

Just like Vettel pushed Charles Leclerc forward on a Ferrari.

- It may be that we will see a brand new Lance Stroll this year, Jordan estimates.

Stroll was 11th in the World Series last season.

Vettel was 13th.