St. Clara's Church has a long history of helping people in need and was also one of the actors who received the government's extra support for social efforts during the corona pandemic.

After the initiative was presented in May last year, SEK 50 million has been distributed between 17 organizations.

Jasmine became homeless due to the pandemic

Every morning, about a hundred people come to St. Clara to take part in the food distribution.

Jasmin, 46, lost both her job and her home when the pandemic struck and was not so long ago in the food queue where he now serves food.

- I had a job at a nice restaurant in the center, but they could not keep me.

The little I had then I lost, says Jasmin.

New homeless people apply to the church

In Stockholm County, an estimated 1,600 people live in acute homelessness, according to the National Board of Health and Welfare's figures from 2017. Like many other aid organizations, St. Clara has noticed that more and more people in acute homelessness are applying for their activities during the pandemic.

At the same time, many homeless people do not dare to sleep together due to the risk of infection.

- We notice that there are new groups of homeless people, people who may have had temporary jobs, precarious employment, or perhaps their own company that has gone bankrupt.

So then they may need a piece of food or a place to sleep in the church, says deacon Nathalie Edin.

In the video above, we meet Jasmin and Nathalie during the preparations for tonight's night open church.