Russian ski star Aleksandr Bolshunov will not receive any additional punishment for his exceptional cross-brain brain attack at the Salpausselä Games on Sunday, believe Norwegian high-profile ski experts Torgeir Björn and Petter S. Skinstad.

In the men's message, Bolshunov, who skied the Russian anchor section, became enraged when Joni Mäki of Finland was still skiing in the final straight.

Bolshunov hit the Hill with his wand and skied in the finish area directly towards the Hill, which crashed into the ground due to the force of the collision.

In Rytäkä, Mäki suffered a minor wrist injury.

The competition jury rejected the performance of Bolshunov and thus the entire Russian team.

However, the Finnish Ski Association was not satisfied with this, but announced on Monday that it would prepare a written request for clarification to the disciplinary body of the International Ski Association Fis.

Martti Uusitalo, a Finnish member of Fis' Board of Directors, said that he considered it possible that Bolshunov would receive an additional punishment from the disciplinary body.

Possible sanctions include a ban on competition and a fine.

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    This is the opinion of the Finnish member of Fis' board

Björn, a ski expert at Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK, should put Bolshunov as a reasonable sanction for a couple of races.

However, former national team skier Björn does not believe Fis dares to punish the number one cannon in Russian men's skiing.

- Interfering in the activities of skiing powers such as Russia or Norway would require a lot of square.

It could lead to an endless spiral and disrupt the peace of cross-country skiing.

That’s why I believe Fis ’decision makers will do nothing about it, Björn told NRK.

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On Monday, the Russian Ski Association sent an official apology named after Bolshunov and chairman Jelena Välbe to Mäki and the Finnish Ski Association.

The apology was also published on Fis' website.

Skinstad, an Norwegian TV2 expert, thinks the umbrella organization is content with this.

- The punishment would probably have been in place, but with this apology, the matter is likely to be buried, Skinstad wrote on Twitter.

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