January 26, 2021 The usual phone calls from the American president to the leaders of the Earth continue.

Today Biden called his Russian colleague 

Vladimir Putin.

This was reported by White House spokesperson Jen Psaki.

In their conversation, the two leaders discussed, among other things, according to the White House, the renewal of the Start treaty on nuclear arsenals, Russian interference in US elections, cyber attacks in Moscow, Ukraine and the alleged "bounties" for the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan.

In a phone call to the Kremlin leader, Biden also expressed his concern over the poisoning of

opponent Alexiei Navalny

currently under arrest along with hundreds of anti-government protesters.

Finally, on the



Biden told Putin that the US supports Ukraine in the face of "Russian aggression", clarifying that "the United States will act firmly in response to Russian actions that harm us or our allies". 

Then the US president called NATO Secretary General

Jens Stoltenberg

"thanking him for his steadfast leadership of the alliance" and expressing his "intention to consult and work with allies on all shared security issues, including Afghanistan, Iraq and Russia".

Biden reaffirmed "the US commitment to collective defense under Article 5 of the NATO treaty" and "to strengthen transatlantic security", also underlining "the importance of shared values, consultations and capabilities to strengthen deterrence and counter new emerging threats, including climate change and global health security ".