Mass vaccinations in Finland are being delayed.

The most recent vaccine disappointment was caused by the vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca, which, according to its announcement, will receive significantly fewer vaccines than agreed in the EU.

The company relies on its production difficulties.

According to a Reuters source, AstraZeneca was originally scheduled to deliver 80 million doses to EU countries during the first quarter, but now the number is only 31 million.

3.7 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine are expected in Finland.

- AstraZeneca has announced much lower delivery volumes than previously agreed and promised.

This is a very worrying situation and is being addressed jointly at EU level.

There has been no reference to such a situation in which we are now, on the contrary, AstraZeneca has been informed that they already have large quantities of vaccine in stock for immediate delivery to member states when the marketing authorization arrives, Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) commented on Monday.

According to Krista Kiuru (sd), Minister of Family and Basic Services, AstraZeneca's announcement is news that "we do not hope and do not accept".

Mika Salminen, Director of THL, signaled that quick hopes for the normalization of life with coronary vaccines should be forgotten.

- I have to tell you the bad news that exactly what was originally thought of will not work.

We will have to use other means to control the epidemic for quite some time before vaccinations have a major impact.

According to THL, by Monday, 106,098 people had been vaccinated against the disease caused by the coronavirus in Finland.

According to Salminen, the municipalities are fully prepared for mass vaccinations and the bottleneck is the availability of vaccines.

According to Salminen, in some areas “most of the most vulnerable and caregivers have already been vaccinated”.

Kiuru assured that the vaccines will be distributed as soon as they are received in Finland.