China News Service, Beijing, January 25 (Reporter Ran Wenjuan) "We have learned from the news that since the outbreak of the epidemic, China has been steadily advancing the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics while strictly preventing and controlling the epidemic. All work is progressing smoothly. I am very encouraged and look forward to the ice and snow event in 2022." said Ren Chuangong, chairman of Australia Aohua TV Media.

  Since China's bid to host the Winter Olympics, overseas Chinese media have paid close attention to the progress of the preparations, using words and lenses to tell the stories of the Winter Olympics to overseas Chinese and local communities, and become witnesses, narrators and facilitators of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Currently, the Beijing Winter Olympics is about to enter the first anniversary of the countdown, and overseas Chinese media once again focused on this to cheer for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

  "Since Beijing began bidding for the Winter Olympics, we have continued to follow up reports through websites and newspapers." said He Ru, president of the Swedish "Nordic Times". This is a major event that attracts the attention of Chinese people around the world and is one of the focus of Chinese media reports. .

The "Nordic Times" once sent a reporter to the Winter Olympics venues for field visits and timely reports on interviews. He looks forward to reporting on the event by then.

  Wang Yanyun, chairman of Victoria Media Canada, introduced that in order to allow overseas readers to learn more about the Beijing Winter Olympics, Victoria Media continued to introduce the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics on its website and WeChat platforms, and sent reporters to China to write about venue construction news.

In addition, when Chinese ice hockey players go to Canada to participate in the competition, they also organize cheerleaders to cheer for the athletes on the spot, so that the Chinese who care about China's ice and snow sports can feel the style of Chinese athletes.

  The Swiss "Eurasia Times" reporter Zhu Yuanyuan said that as the Beijing Winter Olympics approach, "Eurasia Times" will report on its own website, new media and social media platforms to warm up the report to convey China's preparations overseas. The latest development of the Winter Olympics, showing the spirit of athletes, etc.

  "The epidemic has not stopped China from preparing for the Winter Olympics, which has encouraged overseas Chinese." Ren Chuangong said that overseas Chinese media will take the coverage of the Winter Olympics as an opportunity to show the vigorous development of China's sports industry in the post-epidemic era and show China's development Change, "I believe that China will present a wonderful and remarkable ice and snow event to the world".