China News Service, January 25. According to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, in order to effectively curb the abandonment of arable land and fully tap the potential of guaranteeing supply, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently issued the "Guiding Opinions on the Coordinated Utilization of Abandoned Land to Promote Agricultural Production Development" (hereinafter referred to as "opinion").

  The "Opinions" require that agricultural and rural departments at all levels to fully understand the importance and urgency of curbing the abandonment of cultivated land, implement the requirements of the party and government for food security, improve the responsibility system of the governor of food security, and promote the overall utilization of abandoned land into the assessment indicators , Layers of compaction responsibility.

Strengthen the follow-up monitoring and supervision and inspection of the abandonment of cultivated land, strengthen the application of assessment results, and conduct notification and interviews in areas where the abandonment of cultivated land is still prominent, and link it with relevant project funds and support policies.

  The "Opinions" emphasized that agricultural and rural departments at all levels must take practical and effective measures to make good use of arable land resources.

We must adhere to classification guidance and orderly promote the use of abandoned land.

Establish an information ledger, formulate specific plans for the overall utilization of abandoned land, prioritize abandoned land in plain areas for grain production, and give priority to abandoned land in hilly areas.

  It is necessary to strengthen policy support and guide farmers to reclaim wasteland.

Give full play to the role of policy guidance, release price signals, improve subsidy mechanisms, improve insurance policies, increase support for entrepreneurship, and increase the comparative efficiency of planting.

It is necessary to speed up the construction of facilities and improve the cultivation conditions of abandoned land.

Include qualified abandoned lands into the scope of high-standard farmland construction, repair abandoned lands damaged by disasters as soon as possible, carry out soil fertilization on abandoned lands, and accelerate the development and manufacturing of agricultural machinery equipment suitable for hilly and mountainous areas.

  It is necessary to regulate land transfer and promote large-scale management of abandoned land.

Improve the rural land management right transfer market and property rights trading market, guide farmers who have been out for work for a long time and have no labor at home to transfer their land management rights, and guide both parties to the transfer to include the prevention of farmland abandonment into the content of the transfer contract.

  It is necessary to strengthen guidance services and improve the level of agricultural socialization services.

Cultivate socialized service organizations to provide full-process trusteeship services for migrant workers and farmers who are unable to cultivate.

Carry out targeted technical guidance services to enable farmers with weak agricultural production skills to familiarize themselves with technology as soon as possible and improve production capacity.

It is necessary to strengthen publicity and guidance, and increase the consciousness of curbing the abandonment of cultivated land.

  The "Opinions" mentioned that publicizing the national farmland protection laws and regulations and the policy of strengthening farmers and benefiting farmers, summarizing the experience and practices of curbing abandonment, exposing typical cases of farmland abandonment, and creating a strong atmosphere for the whole society to curb farmland abandonment.