The KFTC decided to conduct an investigation into the status of the Korean Intellectual Property Office, with the case where the general public submitted a report similar to that posted on the report sharing site before the competition and received the Intellectual Property Office Minister Award.

The Kwon Ik Committee announced today (25th), "We will work to improve the system to prevent plagiarism, theft, and duplicate applications before public institution contests."

The KFTC plans to focus on investigating whether there are cases of canceling the award due to reasons such as plagiarism, etc. in relation to the competitions conducted by central administrative agencies, local governments, and the Office of Education.

In addition, by the 8th of next month, the KFTC will conduct a survey to derive the direction of institutional improvement in the national policy participation platform'People Thinking'.

Mr. Son Mo, who received five literary awards by copying the short story ``Roots,'' by Kim Min-jeong, the winner of the Baekma Culture Award, is said to have stolen ideas from other people in a contest organized by public institutions such as the Intellectual Property Office, the Korea Radio Agency, and the National Intelligence Service. I am under suspicion.

(Photo = Courtesy of Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)