Joni Mäki injured his hand in the scandal at the end of the World Cup message on Sunday.

The hill's right hand was injured when Aleksandr Bolshunov of Russia tackled a Finnish skier in the finish area of ​​the race.

The Russian skier got fired in the final straight fight, where Mäki left him behind.

After Sunday’s race, Hill held an ice bag in his hand.

There was swelling in his hand.

Mäki went to examine his hand on Monday.

The X-rays brought the desired message to the hero anchor preparing for the World Cup starting in February.

- There were no cracks in the pictures, Mäki informed Ilta-Sanomat.

The situation on the hill worried the athlete himself and the coaching staff on Sunday.

The comet of this ski season is a vital link in the Finnish World Cup team.

After Sunday’s feats, his place on the World Cup team is virtually certain.

After Monday’s examinations, Mäki was confident that his hand would recover quickly.

- Here, when today lets that hand still be at peace, isn't that the source of the swelling completely, Mäki announced.