Tottenham Hotspur coach Jose Mourinho has confirmed that he will not pay Gareth Bale in matches;

Unless the Welsh player proved he was worth it with his performance in training.

Bell's return to Tottenham, on loan from Real Madrid, was welcomed at the London club;

But he did not leave a large imprint so far, and the 31-year-old spent most of his time on the bench, as was his case with Real Madrid, and played a key role in one league match, most of his participation in the European League.

"I cannot give players minutes on the field, these minutes are not something that I can give them," Mourinho said before facing Wycombe Wanderers in the fourth round of the FA Cup today, Monday.

"We all know the difficulties he went through in the past two seasons. The most important thing is consistency in training. When a player gives a steady performance in training he will be ready, I will not give him minutes on the field; he should deserve it," he added.

"He works like everyone in a good way, and we will see how his reaction will be. It is also related to his confidence ... If he feels that the week has had a positive effect on him and on his confidence, then he will participate."

Mourinho escorted his entire squad to face Wycombe outside home;

But he is expected to make a number of changes, with his eye on Premier League champions Liverpool next Thursday.