Non-fiction writer and food blogger Lotta Viitaniemi, died in an accident on December 31, 2020 in Helsinki, Biohacker Center BHC Oy says in a press release.

Viitaniemi was 39 years old.

Lotta Viitaniemi is known for her Good to Eat blog.

The grief news was also reported on Facebook on the blog pages.

Viitaniemi's colleague, non-fiction writer Teemu Arina confirms the information to Ilta-Sanomat.

Lotta Viitaniemi was one of the founders of the Biohacker Center and also worked in the company as a graphic and visual designer.

- The Eatily Good blog was her personal project, through which she was able to realize her passion and showcase her skills visually, aesthetically and nutritionally through food, Arina tells Ilta-Sanomat on Monday.

Viitaniemi was from Seinäjoki and lived in Helsinki.

“A role model for many people”

Lotta Viitaniemi was also involved in compiling the Biohacker Handbook series.

- Through books translated into different languages, he was able to influence hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

He never wanted his own name in the lawsuit, even though in addition to the visuals, he made practically a third of the content.

Teemu Arina describes that Lotta Viitaniemi has done a lot for people's well-being and health during the last couple of years.

- Especially in the last year, he was a role model for many people.

This has touched everyone who knew him.

- Lotta is remembered as an adventurous traveler who has seen a lot, as a creator of a food blog and as a top chef known for her food books, the memoir published on the Eatötävä's good page describes.

The writing has memories of friends.

- Lotta was a brave, dream come true, an open, genuine and honest friend.

The grief and sadness is immense, however, grateful with gratitude and magnificent memories.

In the words of Lotta’s friend: Lotta gave us edible good recipes for life.

Lotta Viitaniemi's written and visual works include the Biohacker Stress Book (2018), Edible Ladies - 38 salads and bowls (2018), the Biohacker Flu Guide (2020), the Biohacker Cholesterol Guide (2020) and the Biohacker Nutrition Guide (2021).

Ilta-Sanomat interviewed Viitaniemi in 2018, when her first book Eatötävä ladät 38 salads and bowls was published (Atena 2018).

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