Personnel hearings are being held in the National Assembly for candidate Park Bum-gye.

Omission of property reports and suspicion of assault of a test student are expected to rise to the cutting board, but the ruling and opposition parties held an off-the-spot hearing yesterday (24th) before the full-scale verification.

This is reporter Baek Woon.


Personnel hearing for the candidate Park Bum-gye that began at the National Assembly this morning.

Candidate Park reiterated his willingness to reform the prosecution, saying that he would also talk to prosecutors at the front line.

[Park Bum-gye/Justice Minister Candidate: With the protection of human rights, due process and judicial control, when it is settled in every heart of the prosecutors, I think a genuine prosecution reform will (I think)]

But candidate Park's qualities Even before the inquiries to verify the morality and morality began, the ruling and opposition parties exchanged and exchanged yesterday's public power over the issue of over-the-counter hearings and the adoption of witnesses.

[Baekhyeryeon / Democrats: If you already make some judgments to come to this place Would the hearing that sense.]

[Gimdoeup / the national forces lawmakers yesterday because it did not take the witness, chamgoin Democrats 'public participation hearings' There was.]

The power of the people focused on questions about candidate Park's controversy over the controversy of the assault of members of the judicial exam and the suspicion of omission of property reports, highlighting that the candidate was ineligible. He said the suspicion was clarified, and as a minister, there is no problem.