China News Service, January 25. According to Peru’s “Gazette” report, the Peruvian Ministry of Health released the new crown epidemic data on the 24th. Compared with the previous day’s report, there were 5,075 newly confirmed cases in the country, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases reached 1099013. The number of deaths in a single day was 169, and the total number of deaths was 39,777.

There are still 11258 people hospitalized for treatment and 1012450 people have recovered.

On November 2, 2020, local time, the well-known site Machu Picchu in Cusco, Peru ushered in the second day of restart.

  According to reports, on the 24th local time, Peru’s Minister of Housing, Construction and Health Solanger Fernández said that the government will announce new restrictions before January 31 to deal with the second wave of the epidemic.

  Since January, the Peruvian government has taken a series of new measures to deal with the second wave of the epidemic, including extending the curfew in the capital Lima and Callao, which currently starts at 9 pm and ends at 4 am.

  Fernandez said that the cabinet will evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken every 15 days, and the evaluation will be completed before January 31, and new restrictions will be announced if necessary.

  On the other hand, as the new crown epidemic continues to spread, the unemployment rate in Peru remains high.

In January 2021 alone, nearly 1 million people in Lima lost their formal jobs and turned to informal jobs, resulting in a sharp drop in income.

  Carlos Casas, the former Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance of Peru and a professor at the University of the Pacific, said on January 24 that he was not very optimistic about this year's economic recovery.

He predicted that, at least until 2022, Peru's employment level will not return to the level before the epidemic.

  Carlos Casas believes that Peru’s economy is facing a lot of uncertainty. In addition to the second wave of epidemics, there are political issues, Congress, and general elections. Many risks come from the country. Therefore, he predicts that Peru’s economy will grow by 5% in 2021. To 7%.