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United States, statistics show that 1 out of 13 people have been infected in the year since the first COVID-19 infection came out.

Although so many people have been infected, testimony came belatedly that the Trump administration had no plans to distribute the vaccine.

This is Kim Jong-won from New York.


White House Secretary-General Ron Klein

told the

media that the Trump administration had no plans to distribute the vaccine.

[Ron Klein/Chief of White House Secretary: As we entered the White House, there was no procedure for distributing the vaccine to the general public in the community other than nursing homes and hospitals.]


it was not possible

to immunize the general public except hospitals and nursing homes. The vaccination was far below the target.

Meanwhile, the corona in the United States continued to spread, surpassing 25 million cumulative confirmed cases in one year after the first infected person came out.

One in 13 Americans is infected with the coronavirus.

Fortunately, as the corona spread has slowed somewhat recently, the number of confirmed cases from 240,000 per week to the beginning of this month has slightly decreased to 170,000 this week.

But this time, I am worried about the mutant virus from the UK.

[Celine Göther/Epidemic Doctor: Soon in the spring break season, people will start traveling again.

That's when the British mutant virus spreading in the United States could spread.]

Health experts in the United States say the number of confirmed cases could be explosive again from February to March due to the mutant virus, and the speed of vaccination is key.