Chairman Kim Jong-cheol of the Justice Party, who was suspicious of sexual harassment of Rep. Jang Hye-young of the same party, resigned from the post.

In the morning of today (25th), Vice President Bae Bok-ju, head of the Justice Party's Gender Human Rights Headquarters, held a briefing at the National Assembly and said, "According to the party rules, we have been given the position of CEO Kim Jong-cheol."

According to the Justice Party, CEO Kim had a dinner on the 15th for a meeting with Representative Jang. After that, on the way out after the interview, there was an incident in which Representative Kim molested Rep. Chang.

On the 18th, three days after suffering, Rep. Jang, a victim, reported the incident to Deputy Chairperson Bae, the head of the Gender Human Rights Headquarters of the Party, and interviews and investigations were conducted on the victim and the perpetrator several times.

Vice President Bae said, "This is an uncontestable sexual harassment case," and said, "The perpetrator, CEO Kim, also admitted all the facts. No further investigation to confirm the facts is necessary."

As a result of the investigation, it is known that no additional damage has been made so far, and Vice President Bae added that he decided to reveal his real name with the consent of the victim, Rep. Jang. Let's see the briefing together.

(Composition: Hwi-ran Kim, editor: Hee-ju Cha)