The next time you get used to grabbing a lime or lemon in a store, take a look at what other citrus you can find on the shelf.

For example, blood grapples are now in season.

Blood grapefruit is sweeter than pale grapefruit, and like other citrus, it’s great for a fish buddy.

In this recipe, blood grapefruit is combined with whitefish.

Be sure to wash your blood grapefruit thoroughly before you start cooking.

In addition to juice, the peel is also used for the fruit.

Whitefish fillets are seasoned with salt, blood grapefruit peel and ax, after which they are rolled up.

The fillets stay on the roll when they are attached with cocktail cookies during cooking.

The rolls are not baked but are steamed in a bamboo evaporator or in the steam section of the boiler.

Served with whitefish rolls, a full-bodied hollandaise sauce is made, which comes with blood grapefruit juice and grated crust.

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