When the municipal board meets tomorrow Monday, it is proposed that VVK's rent for 2020 be forgiven.

If the proposal is voted through, the club will receive SEK 14,400 back.

"We keep track of the economy"

The background is that Vingåker municipality already in April opened for remission of rents.

At the end of November, the club submitted a request to take advantage of the offer.

- We know our finances but it is clear that it is strained in these times.

We do what we can to alleviate the situation, says VVK's sports director Kenneth Karlsson.

Among the top teams

The club is currently in fourth place out of eleven teams in the Elite Series.

With that wind in their sails, they had hoped for an audience average of around 300 at home.

But so far the stands are empty and there is no revenue.

- We hope to get the audience to the playoffs, says Kenneth Karlsson.