Taxi Kela rides have been arranged inefficiently, says Timo Puntila, a taxi entrepreneur from Kuopio.

According to his information, for example, on Thursday morning, dozens of taxis had been waiting for up to hours for Kela rides in Kuopio.

According to Puntila, the problem is that many drivers are left waiting for possible Kela rides, and they cannot catch other rides without losing their place in the Kela ride queue.

According to Puntila, in addition to wasting resources, waiting for Kela rides also pollutes.

- In winter, of course, drivers have to keep their car idling.

This is already completely absurd from an environmental point of view.

Puntila, who has been a taxi operator for more than a year, also finds it problematic that many companies that provide Kela rides require taxi companies to use taximeters for which rent is charged.

- It should be noted that Kela does not require these indicators, but brokerage companies.

Many taxi operators have complained about the distribution of Kela rides and the operation of brokerage centers after the entry into force of the new taxi law in 2018.

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority began investigating the matter in the spring of 2019, and last June KKV completed a study on seven brokerage centers.

Of these, no problems were found in the operation and six changed their behavior.

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Investigations into the operations of six other companies are still ongoing, says Valtteri Virtanen, Director of KKV.

- During the autumn and winter, we have further clarified matters and also discussed with these companies.

At least some of these are expected to be completed during the spring.

In its research on brokerage companies, KKV focused on the distribution of Kela rides, for example on whether the conditions for access to a Kela driver are the same for everyone and whether the rides are distributed equally.

The requirements of exchange centers for the use of certain taximeters are not covered by the current surveys.

- Our answer is that according to the public listing of pending degrees, this is not pending, Virtanen says.

According to Virtanen, there are still complaints from taxi operators about the operation of brokerage centers, but less than before.

Timo Puntila does not intend to try to drive Kela rides.

He also finds it difficult to race on Kela rides.

A taxi operator's expensive investment in a disabled taxi can be wasted if he loses Kela rides due to a new competition.

- My goal is to bring the matter up so that someone wiser could think about how this ancient monument of history could be simplified and developed a little bit, Puntila thinks.