Pål Golberg, the opener of Norway's winning media crew, known as a tough sprint skier, has noticed during his numerous visits to Lahti that just a stone's throw from the ski stadium is an ice rink where Pelicans play their home games.

On Sunday, Golberg testified after five meters, when Aleksandr Bolshunov, enraged by Joni Mäki's driving line choices, skied directly on the Finn in the finish and rudely overturned him.

The judging panel of the competition considered the trick worth rejecting the Russian team, but there will be no other sanctions for the team or Bolshunov from the situation.

- Isn't hockey playing there?

Golberg said and pointed with his hand in the direction of the Lahti Ice Rink.

The Norwegian admitted that he was utterly appalled by the vision.

- This is not part of cross-country skiing in any way, and such behavior cannot be given any foothold here.

The decision of the Jury was the only right one.

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Olympic winner Simen Hegstad Krüger's verdict on Bolshunov was also rude.

- Extremely unsportsmanlike and completely out of range.

Norway won the men's message.

Finland was second.

Men's message results

4x7.5 km (2d + 2y): 1) Norway (Pål Golberg, Emil Iversen, Sjur Röthe, Simen Hegstad Krüger), 2) Finland –40.9 (Perttu Hyvärinen, Ristomatti Hakola, Iivo Niskanen, Joni Mäki), 3) Russia II –1.07.2 (Ilya Semikov, Ivan Yakimushin, Andrei Melnitshenko, Sergei Ustyugov), 4) Germany –1.39.4 (Jonas Dobler, Janosch Brugger, Florian Notz, Friedrich Moch), 5) Switzerland –2.47.9 (Jonas Baumann, Dario Cologna, Jason Rüesch, Beda Klee), 6) Sweden –2.53.0 (Björn Sandström, Fredrik Andersson, Jens Burman, Jonas Eriksson), 7) USA –4.04.3, 8) Finland II –5.30.5 (Markus Vuorela, Juho Mikkonen, Remi Lindholm, Petteri Koivisto).

Canada and Estonia were caught in the round.

Russia I (Alexei Tshervotkin, Yevgeny Belov, Denis Spitsov, Alexander Bolshunov) was rejected.