In many parts of the country, the curfew seems to have started silently.

However, some protests against the strict corona measure took place in Urk and in Rotterdam, Amersfoort and Stein in Limburg.

An emergency warrant was issued in Urk after young people set fire to a GGD test street and turned against the police.

Due to the curfew, residents have to stay in every day from 9:00 PM to 4:30 AM.

The measure applies until the early morning of February 10.

The fine for violating the curfew is 95 euros.

In Urk, young people made their way to the harbor in about a hundred cars after the curfew had already started.

The youngsters threw fireworks and stones and destroyed police cars.

Eventually they also set fire to a GGD test street.

Before the curfew had started, the police were already present in Urk with additional units.

The mobile unit of the police was also ready nearby.

When the unrest started, reinforcements were sent to Urk from several surrounding places.

According to the municipality, the emergency order was issued at the height of the unrest.

The police were eventually able to restore peace to Urk themselves.

The ready riot police did not have to take action.

Several people have been arrested or fined.

Mayor Cees van den Bos van Urk says he is ashamed of what has happened.

Dramatic as this evening is going now.

I am ashamed of the events.

At the moment I, as mayor, together with the police chief and the public prosecutor, only have one means: the emergency order (issued) with the deployment of the riot police.

We want peace and quiet in Urk.


Auteurchvdbos Moment of places 22:21 - 23 January 2021

Young people in Stein confront the police

In the center of Stein, Limburg, about a hundred young people were on their feet on Saturday evening.

They came out together to drink alcohol and listen to music.

When the police arrived, the young people refused to obey the officers' orders and threw fireworks at the police.

The mobile unit had to arrive on site.

Around 11 p.m. peace had returned to the street.

Twelve people have been arrested so far, but the police are not ruling out more arrests.


Difference before and after curfew: Not extinct, but calmer

Fifty people fined in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam, protests were made at Binnenrotte against the curfew and other corona measures.

At least fifty people were present.

The group was notified by officers of the impending curfew, but refused to leave.

According to a spokesperson, all persons present were thrown on the ticket.

"There was no grim atmosphere and the group adhered to the measures until 9 pm. Now we are going to sweep the square clean."

In Amersfoort, a small-scale protest action took place by action group Virus Truth.

It is not clear whether the protesters arrived on time.

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