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"The record that gives me the most joy": winner of his 8th Rallye Monte-Carlo on Sunday, the French Sébastien Ogier (Toyota), seven times world champion, savor like never before and could return to Monaco in the future, even if he will no longer make a full season in the WRC after 2021.

Q: What does this 8th record victory represent for you?

A: "It's an accumulation of symbols, beautiful numbers: 50th WRC victory, especially 8th here. If I had to have a single record this is the one I would have taken by signing with both hands. my father's birthday today, I give him a nice gift. Everyone calls me and says + I have the impression of seeing you again in the Polo + (with which he won his first four titles with Volkswagen from 2013 to 2016, editor's note). It's a great start to the championship. It was worth continuing for another year. It's the record that gives me the most joy, for many reasons, it is in Monte-Carlo that I discovered in rallying, that I had this dream of doing that one day, it's the one that matters the most to me. Victory here is priceless ”.

Q: Could you do this rally again in the future?

A: "Yes, I think I will come back here. I haven't changed my mind about the history of the championships (it will stop at the end of 2021, note) but on the other hand the rally, it is so special for me ... we do not have the opportunity this year to celebrate the gala with the family of the ACM (Automobile club de Monaco), because of the Covid, so maybe I will have to come back.

Q: What has the in camera change for you?

A: "Honestly, we are so in our race that we have our heads down, in the handlebars. But despite everything, we missed the atmosphere, that's for sure, especially for me. It's always a moment. super special the assistance park in Gap (where he was born, editor's note) where I have enormous support every year. I'm sure they followed us from a distance and I hope they are just as happy as me today. We hope they will be back as soon as possible. "

Q: What did you think of this 89th edition, which marked the 110th anniversary of the creation of the Monte-Carlo?

A: "It may well be shorter in kilometers (257 in total), in difficult conditions we had a good package this weekend. In this special at Saint-Clément (SS10 on Saturday), we were not making progress, and you have to stay calm at such times, you feel like you can't do anything but you have to get through the special without a hitch. "

Q: You announced your victory, you seemed sure of yourself ...

A: "It's a sign that I feel great in the car, that everything is there, but this kind of declaration is not often done because after you get slapped on the fingers, they say that you are arrogant , that's it, but political correctness is sometimes a bit boring, it's good to spice things up and say what you think ".

Interview in mixed zone

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