On December 22, when the EU was about to receive the first vials from Pfizer, Pablo Otero uploaded a video to Instagram with the categorical title of

Covid-19 Vaccines.

Everything they haven't told you.

He presented himself as a scientist and student at the Royal College of London, where he is pursuing his doctorate in molecular biology.

He clarified that he was not a doctor,

but he was knowledgeable about issues such as messenger RNA,

the immune system and amino acids, and having said that, he began a dissertation so

About the safety of the new vaccines, their side effects and the hoaxes that circulated on the net, to conclude with a recommendation: they are proven, they are safe, click it. At that time, Pablo went through a simple particular, but within a few hours it was already a


Today the video has nearly half a million views, and on the back of its success this Wednesday came a continuation in which, faced with the flood of doubts that came to him, he answered frequently asked questions about the vaccine,

such as the duration of immunity or whether it causes infertility.

In just a month, then, word has spread that there is a 24-year-old young biochemist from Madrid, handsome and muscular, who practices a successful scientific dissemination online.

See this post on Instagram

A shared publication by Pablo Otero (@ pablotero5)

Here, the unbalancing factor is that Pablo has one of those profiles

that seem taken from Florentine marble.

Apollonian and with a face reminiscent of Matt Damon, possessing a better outlined tablet than Milka's, it turns out that Pablo combines a doctorate with a modeling career.

In @ pablotero5, his Instagram profile, he specifies that he is a client of the British agency BMA Models, founded in 1983, and that he manages the careers of advertising models.


, Pablo had never talked about science.

He uses it for that so prosaic that it is to display arms like hams and a hanger for which Andy Warhol, Jean Genet and Gus van Sant would have come to blows.

It is obvious that he has been hammered with discipline to sculpt his 99 centimeters of chest and 76 centimeters of thigh, according to his technical sheet - he also measures 1.83 and wears a 45 foot.

The only video that Pablo had posted before he was uncovered as a popularizer was that of an advertisement that he had starred in for a Samsung mobile phone. The vaccines post has circulated because it is rare that Adonis and science appear in the same sentence.

Since then, the comments addressed to Pablo Otero on his profile range from thanking him for providing his ray of light in the face of the informational confusion, and the attempt to discredit by assuming that,

if you know science, you have no right to be mashed

-this is dismantled when one delves into the personal history of Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1906 and bodybuilder in his youth-. Many health authorities have believed it convenient that it was necessary to have


to encourage people to wear a mask, not go to a rave or trust the vaccine;

since the doctor is ignored, at least he attends to the youtuber.

The case of Pablo Otero confirms that the external appearance is a useful claim for the dissemination of certain proposals

-McLuhan's theory that the medium is the message-

, but it also has its counterproductive effect.

There will always be those who think that the message becomes a massage if it is transmitted to you by an ephebo with a pierced nipple that exhibits his rocky buttocks in Ibiza enjoying with two men a

bootyful summer.

His fan count goes up, so the beautiful Otero has joined that roster of celebrities via Zoom and iPhone that the pandemic has left us, who fight conspiratorial superstitions in short


It helps him to have studies and, incidentally, the plant of Achilles, and if anyone doubts, he could only answer with the title of that novel by Eduardo Mendicutti:

it's not my fault that I was born so sexy


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