In NHK's "Sunday Debate" over the amendments to the Act on Special Measures Against Coronavirus and the Infectious Diseases Act, opposition parties argued that even if penalties were set, they would not be effective without sufficient compensation to businesses. On the other hand, the ruling party expressed its intention to flexibly respond to revisions in future discussions with the opposition party.

Among them, Secretary-general Fukuyama of the Constitutional Democratic Party said, "We should include support for medical institutions, businesses, and people in need of living in the amendment, and we are very reluctant to proceed with penalties. The imprisonment for the amendment is unreasonable. I would like the government and the ruling party to think carefully about the situation where the ruling and opposition parties can understand each other and can be said to be an amendment to protect the lives and livelihoods of the people. "

Secretary-general Baba of the Nippon Ishin no Kai said, "The reason why the penalties are shining light and the problem is that compensation is missing. We will build a part to add compensation depending on the scale of business and the number of employees. That will be effective. "

Koike, the secretary general of the Communist Party, said, "The reason why infection control is not effective is because there is no trust in the government, and it is a bad way to tighten with penalties. To prevent the spread of infection, restaurants shorten business hours and We need compensation that allows us to continue even if we take a leave of absence. "

Secretary-general Kazuya Shimba of the Democratic Party for the People said, "Before the state of emergency is declared, the definition of" priority measures such as prevention of spread "is extremely vague, and what are the requirements? It is extremely important to clarify the involvement of the Diet." Said.

In response, Deputy Secretary-General Shibayama of the Liberal Democratic Party said, "I think that penalties such as fines are necessary from the viewpoint of ensuring effectiveness, but we will respond flexibly based on the opinions of the opposition party. Assistance may not be adequately stipulated, and "priority measures such as prevention of spread" should not be abused, and there is room for consideration, including reporting to the Diet. Promptly obtained a proposal through discussions between the ruling and opposition parties. I want to. "

Komeito Secretary-General Ishii said, "We have a history of making bills while listening to the opinions of the opposition parties in advance, and we are doing it in a manner that conforms to the legislation of lawmakers. I think there are various opinions about penalties, but support We will make a set and minimize it from the standpoint of respecting basic human rights as much as possible. "