Ice bags are a familiar sight when hockey players who have been hit are interviewed after matches, but in the ski area interview area, the sight is rare.

Finnish hero anchor Joni Mäki appeared in front of the media on Sunday in a bag filled with snow on his swollen right hand.

The back of the palm took a hit when Mäki flew to the ground after an intentional, aggravated collision with Alexander Bolshunov.

The situation worried the athlete and the coaching management, as the comet of the season is a vital link in the Finnish World Cup team at the turn of February-March.

Ilta-Sanomat reached Mäki a few hours after the competition to assess her situation.

- Probably tomorrow (Monday) I'm going to photograph it.

In the morning, you can see what it looks like, Mäki, who lives in Vuokatti, comments.

Mäki stated that he is optimistic about the situation.

- Probably nothing bigger is there when the fingers are playing relatively normally.