He noted that the country is completely dependent on loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and is "under external control."

“The biggest mistake ... There were negotiations between Yanukovych and those who protested ... Ukraine received $ 3 billion from Russia without any conditions.

In March (2014 -


) she was supposed to receive 12 more. Without any conditions, just pay the interest, "Lesik said on the air of the NewsOne TV channel.

He recalled that Kiev receives from the IMF "about the same money or several times less", but is forced to comply with a number of conditions.

“What should be the price for gas, how should we reform healthcare and education, what should we do with our economy and industry.

Their task is to destroy us, ”explained Lesik.

In November, the deputy of the Opposition Platform - For Life, Ilya Kiva, said that the draft state budget of Ukraine for 2021 is based on external borrowing.

The parliament also noted that Ukraine has turned into an "ATM" for foreigners.