Anchor Joni Mäki sensationally led Finland second in the men's message at the Salpausselä World Cup.

The hill defeated Alexander Bolshunov, who won everything in the fierce church battle.

Bolsuhnov felt that a 25-year-old Finn would have wedged in front of him about 60 meters before the goal.

After that, the imprint was ugly.

Bolshunov totally lost his temper, immediately hitting the Hill with a wand and after the finish line still pushing this rudely into the snow.

Ilri-Sanomat's cross-country skiing expert Harri Kirvesniemi was appalled by what he saw.

- Absolutely insane trick.

Hitting the wand was already bad enough, and then still on top of that incomprehensible tackle in the finish.

Bolshunov fell already yesterday and the feelings must have been hot already, but there is still no point in that, Kirvesniemi said.

Alexander Bolshunov lost his temper after losing a fierce fight against Joni Mäki. Photo: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

The ski stadiums in Lahti whispered for a long time that Finland might be rejected from the message, but in the end its fate was felt by Russia - because of Bolshunov, who had committed a stupid trick.

- Of course they were rejected.

There are not two words about it, Kirvesniemi uploaded

According to him, Mäki did nothing wrong in the fierce tension.

He arrived on the softened finish line well before Bolshunov, and was thus entitled to choose his lane first.

- There was absolutely nothing in it.

Joni was clearly ahead when the pounding began, and Bolshunov tried in vain from the edge.

His experience should understand what a guy does in a situation like that.

Joni did exactly as he should.

Kirvesniemi suspects that Bolshunov may be punished for his pig.

- Know even if you don't miss Falun (next weekend's mc race).

Bolshu will certainly return to the tracks angrily, but one must hope that he will dispel his frustration with something other than his rivals.

The performance of the Finnish men was also excellent behind Mäki, who had earned the largest annealing.

Perttu Hyvärinen and Ristomatti Hakola, who skied in the traditional, made the necessary and Iivo Niskanen, who ran in the third leg, betrayed the perfect place for Mäki, who is known to be sensitive to tension.

- It is quite difficult for Joni to talk to himself in national team tasks other than the anchor part.

A dizzying bet, Kirvesniemi would freak out.