After years of waiting, the popular Country Doctor Tapani Kiminkinen will make a return to television.

Each episode of the 12-part Country Doctor Kiminkinen program covers one disease, such as hypertension, gout, type 2 diabetes, and wear and tear.

- I wanted to deal with real public diseases that should be tried to affect.

For example, two million citizens have too high blood pressure.

You should definitely get the right information, Kiminkinen says.

The series has been filmed at Saarijärvi Health Station in Kiminkinen's study.

For example, the episode meets patients at the reception, makes home visits, and also pops into the home of the rural doctor and his wife Ulla.

Kiminkinen calls for the importance of meeting patients.

- Nowadays, doctors specialize a lot.

However, there would still be a need for that own GP.

It doesn’t go like going to a specialist and doing certain tests, you really have to put your ass on the bench and talk to the person.

Only the patient himself knows how he feels.

It is not enough to take tests, you have to face the patient and, depending on the situation, listen to the heart or look at the prostate, for example.

We need proper organoleptic tests, examinations, and a general practitioner who is familiar with various diseases.

Tapani Kiminkinen wants to reach ordinary people with her program so that they can come for treatment on time.

Kiminkinen is known for speaking health issues in vernacular.

He is a sought-after speaker on various occasions, he performs on ships and writes columns.

- The program continues the familiar line: it says things directly.

Shit is not talked about, science is talked about, but only things that are true.

The goal is for the average person to get information about the program and be able to come for treatment in time, Kiminkinen formulates.

The last time Kiminkinen's own TV show was seen was ten years ago.

In 2009, Yle began presenting the Doctor Kiminkinen program, which followed his work at the Saarijärvi Health Center.

One episode comprised one working day.

The popular series ended unexpectedly after three seasons in 2011.

- So far, people have been constantly asking questions that because I will return to television.

- Health issues are so important that it is important to get information to the people on TV in a language they understand.

I am infinitely grateful when such a country boy has the opportunity for a wider impact.

It’s amazing to be involved in this and learn something new.

Kiminkinen will continue her day job at Saarijärvi Health Station.

The corona situation in the region has been good.

- We have been calm, and for example all nursing homes have been safe.

Hopefully, as a nation, we will learn something about the epidemic, and if this would result in something good for the whole country.

This has been a good reminder, for example, that we need Helsinki, but we also need small places, self-sufficiency and basic production.

Country doctor Kiminkinen on Monday 25.1.

from AlfaTV at 9 p.m.