On the 23rd local time, a Boeing 737 MAX passenger plane of WestJet in Canada was temporarily cancelled due to a malfunction when it was preparing to take off.

  The flight number 658 is the first flight of the Boeing 737 MAX series model since it was approved to go back to Canada, so it has attracted much attention.

The airliner was originally scheduled to fly from Calgary, Canada to Toronto, but just before takeoff, the warning lights were on.

  WestJet spokesperson Lauren Steward (Lauren Steward) said: "After the engine is properly ignited, the aircraft's monitoring system performs a standard functional check and shows that there is a potential error that needs to be verified and reset." Since the process of finding the error takes some time, the airline stated that it cannot allow passengers to sit on the plane to complete the relevant inspections. Therefore, it has decided to cancel the 658 flights and the 665 return flights, and provide passengers on board within one hour Another Boeing 787 airliner flies to Toronto.

  WestJet said that they subsequently inspected the Boeing 737 MAX and ruled out related problems. They are now ready to fly the same flight on the 24th.

(Headquarters reporter Zhang Sen)