• Pfizer: supply returns to full capacity next week


January 24, 2021 "27 European countries are being treated like poor people. Let's get it out of our minds that Italy is more penalized than others".

The extraordinary Commissioner for the Emergency, Domenico Arcuri, said this to Live #noneladurso.   

"These companies do not produce soft drinks and snacks - continued Arcuri referring to the pharmaceutical companies that announced the delays - They are committed to giving a certain amount of vaccines which are much more important than soft drinks and snacks". 

If we had the vaccines that were announced by the pharmaceutical companies, "by the autumn we could vaccinate up to 45 million Italians, but I don't believe in these companies. I want to see the vaccines," added Arcuri.

"Vaccines to richer countries? Possible asymmetries"

"There may be asymmetries, according to which the few things that are produced do not necessarily go to the places where they have to go", thus answered the extraordinary Commissioner for Emergency when asked where the vaccines not delivered to Europe ended up.

"Obviously I don't know this", added Arcuri, who, regarding the hypothesis that the undelivered vaccines ended up in other richer countries, replied: "I hope this is not true, I know that Europe has been given fewer vaccines than he was supposed to receive and that no one gambles with people's lives ".