A source in "Dubai Health" denied rumors circulating: We were put under control and there is nothing to hide

An official source in the Dubai Health Authority expressed his great surprise at the rumors that some spread through social media platforms and messaging applications via phones, related to the epidemic situation of the Covid 19 virus. Or, hospitals stop receiving non-emergency sick cases due to the spread of the virus.

Initially, the source confirmed that the authority particularly appreciates the exceptional effort made by the medical staff at the present time to serve patients in the care rooms and clinics, and every effort made by the supervising and specialized teams to besiege the spread of the virus and limit its repercussions.

He continued: "While we expect everyone to support the work of medical staff and health personnel in the country in general and Dubai in particular, someone who irresponsibly spreads rumors and spreads information that is absolutely incorrect and causes confusion among people in a way that destabilizes the confidence of health services, which are performing their duty. To the fullest".

He pointed out that the authority adopts global standards in monitoring and recording the number of injured people in line with the health systems in force in the country, which are also compatible with the protocols and guidelines of the World Health Organization, as the number of examinations that have been expanded within the early response plan is announced daily with transparency and without restrictions. To deal with the Covid 19 pandemic, in addition to the number of registered infected people, and the number of beneficiaries of vaccines, and there is nothing to hide.

The source pointed out in particular to an audio recording of a person indicating that the situation in Dubai has reached a dangerous stage, due to the large spread in the number of injured, which prompted the Health Authority to stop unnecessary surgeries.

The source emphasized that the health situation in the Emirate of Dubai is under control, indicating that stopping unnecessary operations is a normal procedure in such cases, adopted by many countries in Europe and the world, to focus on besieging the Covid 19 virus, a procedure that does not threaten the health of patients, as the covered They enjoy a stable health condition and do not need urgent surgery.

The source confirmed that hospital rooms work normally to receive sick cases that require admission to hospitals, whether associated with Covid 19 or others, and that they work according to priorities that take into account the level of health of the injured.

He stressed that the accumulated experience of the medical staff gave them the ability to assess the seriousness of the general condition of the injured, as every injured person who needed intensive care rooms was routinely admitted, and it did not happen that hospitals refused to receive patients from this category at all.

The source also confirmed that the concerned authorities in Dubai have not been complacent in implementing the precautionary measures to prevent the virus, and the Department of Economic Development, the Health Authority and the concerned authorities have continued to record violations on a weekly basis against shops and stores that do not adhere to the prevention measures, and he also pointed out that receiving tourists was not the direct cause of The increase in cases of HIV infection, pointing in particular to the laxity of many people within the country in applying these measures, especially during celebrations and gatherings in which spacing and wearing masks were not observed.

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