Nuremberg (dpa) - In the snow drifts in Nuremberg, Hannover 96 missed the "Club", which continues to be winless in the new year, the highest defeat of the season.

Driven by the outstanding Japanese Genki Haraguchi, the very effective Lower Saxony won on Sunday in the Max Morlock Stadium with a surprisingly clear 5: 2 (2: 1).

Marvin Ducksch (19th minute / penalty kick), Timo Hübers (24th), Haraguchi (58th) and substitutes Florent Muslija (72nd) and Patrick Twumasi (86th) scored for the guests.

Michael Esser was also a strong support in goal.

He could only be defeated by Manuel Schäffler (35th) and shortly before the end Johannes Geis (89th).

Hannover (26 points) can orient themselves a little more upwards after the first half of the season.

The «Club» (20 counters) has to look down again.

Nuremberg's trainer Robert Klauß had specially warned against Haraguchi.

But Hanover's playmaker could take action.

Before the foul on Ducksch, which led to the penalty, he played the attacker free.

Asger Sörensen fouled, Ducksch scored his ninth goal of the season.


After a corner, Hübers raised his head.

The "Club" only found its way into the game afterwards.

Schäffler shortened his head.

The "Club" was always trying after the break, but defensively vulnerable.

Hanover struck three more ice-cold times.

Hanover's keeper Esser also steered a shot from Sarpreet Singh to the crossbar when the score was 4-1 (78th).

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