Many people are impressed by the story of a'stubborn' dog trying not to leave her sick owner.

On the 22nd local time, foreign media such as ABC in the United States introduced the story of the dog'Bonjuk' who visited a general hospital in Trabzon Province in northern Turkey all week.

The 68-year-old Ainur Egelli was transported to the hospital on the 14th by an ambulance.

However, not long after the medical staff hastened Mr. Egelli inside, hospital security personnel found a white puppy running in front of the hospital.

It was Bonjuk who followed the ambulance in which the owner was riding.

When the news that Mr. Egelli had to be hospitalized, the family first tried to take Bonjuq back home, but Bonjuk repeatedly ran away from the family's arms and ran to the hospital entrance several times.

Eventually, Mr. Egelli's daughter, Mr. Isi, decided to guard the front of the hospital with Bonjuq.

Bonjuk returned home smoothly at night, but the next day, as soon as dawn, he headed to the hospital alone.

The appearance of a dog who came to the hospital by himself and looked at the inside of the entrance as a mangbuseok impressed the hospital staff.

Security officer Muhammet admired, "Even when the door was opened, only the face was pushed in, but it never went inside. It is a very loyal and quiet dog."

On the 20th, when Bonjuk's tearful'commuting' continued for nearly a week, Mr. Egelli finally got out of the hospital in a wheelchair.

It was thanks to the medical staff who took care of the story so that Mr. Egelli and Bonjuk could meet for a while.

When Mr. Egelli, who had longed for it, appeared, Bonjuk shook his tail and jumped up excitedly, and Mr. Egelli also smiled happily.

Egelli returned home with Bonjuq after being diagnosed with a doctor that he could be discharged from the hospital the same evening.

Mr. Egelli, who has been with Bonjuque for nine years, said, "The two of us are very used to being together. I am too. I always want to see Bonjuque."

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(Photo ='WKYC Channel 3'YouTube)