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have shown they do not need the media to get their messages.

What's more, they decline to appear in them and if they do, the result usually ends in controversy.

However, this week they have incessantly and almost omnipresent the headlines of all the Spanish media.

The reason is none other, as (almost) always, than money.

Because we are all the Treasury, also


and their digital universe.

One of the most influential, the Rubius

(Rubén Doblas,

30 years), announced his intention to go to Andorra last Monday, seduced by his benevolent tributes and thus joining a rosary of contemporaries who have already set out for the Principality in a country like Spain, which has more than 40% unemployment youth, many young people are forced to go abroad in search of a job opportunity.

It is stranger than the also very young


They choose to leave here for a radically different reason: their incomes are so high that economically they obtain advantages in residing in another country to save on taxes.

This is how the new fortunes are, so similar to the old ones. Rich and famous from before like Madonna, John Malkovich, Mónica Bellucci, Michael Fassbender or Carmen Martínez Bordiú were attracted by the taxes of Portugal, a neighboring country that has also enjoyed from the 'tax haven' label.



Portugal has not been considered to establish their residence there despite being much more attractive than Andorra.

The main reason is that, although Portuguese taxes are more pious than Spanish ones,

are still higher

than those paid in Andorra.In the Principality a maximum tax of 10% is applied for high incomes while in Portugal it would be double, below in any case the 47% that is taxed in Spain for those that exceed 300,000 euros of annual income.

For example, it is estimated that the Rubius has an income of four million euros per year, for which

at present it should deliver almost half to the Spanish treasury.

"The Beckham law, when it came into force in Spain, attracted many non-residents with very high income from work, such as footballers or managers who came here to pay personal income tax at a fixed rate of 24% compared to 45%. They have something similar. in the UK and especially in Portugal, but even so

it is much more than what is taxed in Andorra


In addition, Andorra has two other advantages: it does not have a tax on wealth or large fortunes and it does not have an inheritance tax either.

The whole tax system in Andorra is much more advantageous than that of Portugal ", Alfonso Padilla Peña, lawyer and tax advisor, explains to LOC. On the other hand, the expert consulted abounds in the reasons that make Andorra the winner over Portugal." Portugal is a country that tries to legislate to attract rents as happened here with the Beckham law, but when there is a change of government the situation may vary.

That uncertainty of how long the tax benefits will last you is not given by Andorra, which is a place that is designed to attract permanently. "Thus, those retirees who left for the Portuguese country to enjoy a golden retirement thanks to the fact that they were not taxed for the pension, they have seen this tax provision modified and now they are taxed at 10%.

See this post on Instagram

A shared post from el rubius WTF (@elrubiuswtf)

On the other hand, moving to Andorra is difficult to move your family or to leave other properties behind, something that is not usually common among youtubers.

Although not always, since the Rubius bought in 2018 a single-family home located on a 900-meter plot that he shared with Irina Isasia,

his girlfriend for four years, a beautiful model.

With her he plans to move to Andorra, as expressed on his YouTube channel, which has 39.5 million subscribers.

In addition, the Malaga-born man of Norwegian origins who confessed to Risto Mejide that he had voted for Manuela Carmena, affirmed that most of his friends are there.

"A lot of people will tell me: 'You are going for money'. Obviously it is a plus, but if it was only for that I would have left many years ago. I have been paying here for 10 years of my YouTube career. Literally all my friends are there" .


Willyrex (Guillermo Díaz, 27 years old) was one of the first who made the decision to go to Andorra.

It was in 2014 when in the Principality he met his girlfriend, also


Cristi Urbi.

A few days ago they became parents to their first daughter together, so the universe


of Andorra has signs of increasing.

According to the INE, 34% of foreigners registered in Andorra are Spanish, a total of 26,558, surpassing, for example, Portugal, with 14,274. "Many




have their origin in Catalonia and

it is much easier to go to Andorra because it is close


For those who are from here, it is very common to go there frequently or establish their residence in Andorra, since what you have to prove is that you live more than 183 days in the Principality, "they say from Asesoría para


, a Catalan cabinet specialized in these clients.This is the case of the SUV

Patry Jordan


Head of Virtual Gym

and that the confinement has not taken its toll on the more than 11 million subscribers of his channel.

Born in Gerona, she started on YouTube ten years ago and moved to Andorra four years ago with her boyfriend, too


Carles Galí The Murcian


(David Cánovas, 23 years old) just a few days ago broke a record on Twitch, a streaming platform that is imposing itself on YouTube almost like Andorra to Spain (Twitch depends on Amazon and YouTube on Google).

He moved to Andorra in 2018:

"It is actually because of the tax issue.

This is a clash between morality and legality, of course, but donating half of what I earn because 'I love my country' ... I don't see it, "he said. After dating her too


Marta Díaz is now dating Gemma Gallardo, who in addition to being physical, has more than 800,000 followers on Instagram.

Other examples of


Spanish-Andorran are Vegetta777 (Roberto de Luque, 31 years old), a close friend of Willyrex.

They live next door and are partners.

For his part, the Andalusian Lolito (Manuel Fernández, 30 years old) established his residence in Andorra in 2018 together with a declaration of intent: "Taxes are paid, but they do not sable you like here.

Spain has given me very little;

I have not been to high school practically, I have been a wretch all my life and what am I going to do ".

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