, Nanjing, January 23 (Xu Shanshan) According to the news on the 23rd of the WeChat public account "Released by Zhenjiang", the Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission announced that from 0-24 on January 22, 2 new imported cases were confirmed in Jiangsu. One case was imported from Ireland and was treated at a designated hospital in Zhenjiang City.

  The Baota Road Sub-district Office of Runzhou District, Zhenjiang City issued a notice on the 22nd, stating that in the process of managing the health of people returning to the town from abroad, it was found that the nucleic acid test results of one person in the 2 buildings of Guoxinyihe Community were suspicious.

According to the prevention and control requirements, the personnel has undergone further clinical inspections and laboratory reviews, and related personnel have been tracked and investigated and epidemiological investigations have been conducted.

  The Zhenjiang Municipal Health Commission announced on the 22nd the itinerary of suspicious persons reporting the results of the nucleic acid test of returning to town from abroad.

  Liu took Finnair flight AY1386 (seat number 7F) from Dublin Airport in Ireland on January 2, 2021, and arrived in Helsinki, Finland on January 3. Nucleic acid and antibody tests were performed within 18 hours of waiting for the transfer, and the results were all negative.

At 17:35 local time, I took Juneyao Airlines flight HO1608 (seat number 31A) to Shanghai, and entered Shanghai Pudong Airport at 8:30 on January 4, wearing masks throughout the journey.

A special car was sent from Shanghai to the Huangcheng Crystal Hotel in Shanghai for centralized isolation medical observation for 3 days.

  As of 24:00 on January 22, Jiangsu has reported a total of 690 confirmed cases (59 of which were imported from abroad). Except for 5 confirmed imported cases in designated hospitals, the rest have been discharged.

  At present, 17094 close contacts of confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections have been traced throughout Jiangsu Province, and 17081 have been released from medical observation, and 13 people are still under medical observation.